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A & J Abstract & Title is a full-service abstract and title company providing timely and accurate services at competitive prices. A division of Amundson & Johnson P.A., we provide professional, legal and detailed abstract services.

At A & J Abstract & Title, we can handle your entire real estate transactions, from start to finish.

  • 1031 Tax-Deferred Property Exchange
  • Abstracting Services
  • Commercial and Residential Closings
  • Construction Closings
  • Construction Disbursing
  • Document Preparation and Recording
  • Plat Drawings
  • Title Examination
  • Title Insurance
  • Witness Closings

What Is An Abstract?

An abstract provides a detailed listing of public records associated with a specific parcel of land. Essentially it is a collection of legal documents denoting the activities that have occurred for that property. An abstract often includes references to deeds, mortgages, wills, probate records, court litigations, tax sales and any other legal documents that affect the property.

An abstract also shows potential property owners the names of past owners as well as how long they held the property and the price they received upon a sale. As a new homeowner, or a family seeking purchase of a different home, an abstract is an integral collection of documents that showcases the history of your potential real estate investment.

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What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is principally a product meant to protect an owner’s or lender’s financial interest in a parcel of real property against loss due to liens, title defects, or other matters. Title insurance will defend the policy holder against a lawsuit attacking the title of the insured real estate, or will reimburse the policy holder against actual monetary loss incurred up to the dollar amount of the policy.

Nearly all institutional lenders require title insurance to protect their interest in the collateral used to secure their loans. Many owners also obtain a title insurance policy to protect their ownership interests. Such an owner’s policy often replaces the need for an abstract when refinancing or selling their property. A one-time premium is charged for either a lender’s or owner’s title insurance policy. The premium amount is based on the value of the property, or the amount of a loan using the property as collateral.

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